5 online finance courses that’ll help you manage your small business better

As a small business owner, do you feel overwhelmed when you hear people talking about things like, break even points, balance sheets and forecasting cash flow? You’re not alone.

A large number of small business owners have a tough time navigating the different financial periods and what to look for at the end of each month, quarter and year. But that doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore one of the most important aspects of running a business successfully.

So we’ve collated a list of some of the top online finance courses that can help you manage your small business better:

1. Financial Modeling for Startups & Small Businesses
Cost: $13.99 ($199.99)

Building a financial model isn't just a vanity exercise. When done right, it could help you better understand your business, whether it's a startup or an existing business you're growing. But it's not easy and there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

Even if you have little to no finance background, if you're going to be starting or running a business, this is a skill you need to have. But financial modeling requires the right tools and the right approach.

This course will show you how to do that with a wide variety of examples and exercises. But it’ll also teach general best practices that will help you, no matter what you'll be building your financial models for in the future.

What will you take away from the course? You’ll be able to confidently build financial models for your startup or new business from scratch, you’ll be able to apply the best financial modeling practices and techniques plus you’ll able to read and understand other financial models by looking at lots of practice models and case studies.

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2. Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Modeling and Valuation
Cost: $13.99 ($204.99)

This course will help you understand accounting, finance, financial modeling and valuation from scratch (no prior accounting, finance, modeling or valuation experience is required). 

After taking this course you will understand how to create, analyse and forecast an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. 

By the end of this course you will also know how to value companies using several different valuation methodologies so you can come up with target prices for the companies that you are analysing. You will also know how to analyse financial statements using many different financial ratios/formulas that I have used in my hedge fund, Goldman Sachs and venture capital career.

Lastly, I am teaching this course in a much more visual and entertaining way; I hope you  enjoy the course as I always use an 'edutainment' and visualization teaching approach to make complex topics simple/easy to understand. 

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3. Financial Planning & Analysis: Building a Company's Budget
Cost: $13.99 ($154.99) 

The course guides you through the core principles of Financial Planning and helps you to understand how a company prepares its budget. The video lessons touch on several technical topics such as revenue forecasting, cost planning, working capital development, fixed assets roll-forward, and cash flow calculation.

Besides that, we will discuss why firms need budgets, which are the financial statements that a company uses to create its budget, what types of budgets are there, which are the main techniques used in financial planning, who is involved in the preparation of a budget, and who is interested in the final numbers that are signed-off in the budget. 

At the end of the course, you will need to send in the work that you’ve done, and you’ll receive personalised feedback. This makes for an interactive student experience that optimises what you will learn from the course. 

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4. Excel Crash Course: Master Excel for Financial Analysis
Cost: $13.99 ($49.99)

Sign up for this course to learn all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions and formulas you need to be an Excel power user. This course is designed specifically for Excel users who are performing professional financial analysis and financial modelling. 

This course starts with the basics and quickly progresses to a level where even experts will learn something new. It starts at the bottom to build up a solid base, which is why the course reviews all the foundational skills you need. 

In the second half of the course you'll notice the functions and formulas getting more sophisticated and the quality of financial analysis and financial modeling becoming much higher. 

This Excel course is meant for all levels from beginner to advanced. 

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5. Closing Your Year End Financial Statements Best Practices
Cost: $13.99 ($54.99) 

Year end is busy in any company, and as your company grows the accounting close only becomes more complicated and time consuming. In this course you’ll learn the best practices you can use to make sure your year end financial accounting close goes smoothly and accurately.

In this course you’ll start with going over several skill sets needed to be successful at year end closing. You’ll also go over the closing process, what you can do in advance to prepare, and other best business practices. You’ll then learn several tips and strategies to help you close your financials successfully. 

After that the course will look at a 10 point checklist to help you prepare for year end, as well as three case studies of companies and their best practices to help them run their accounting financial close successfully and accurately. Lastly you’ll go over some FAQs related to closes that apply to any company.  

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