6 practical tips to control food costs when you run a restaurant

When you're running a restaurant, keeping an eye on your supplies is crucial to your bottom line. 

Here are six practical tips you can use to control food costs:

1. Order Wisely

This is the best way to control food costs. Keep an inventory that will tell you the details and quantities of supplies. Assessing your expenses to manage food costs is one key strategy to boost your bottom line. You can also order in bulk for certain items that are used in large quantity.

2. Count and weigh delivered supplies

Always count and weigh food when they are delivered to make sure that you are getting what you paid for.

3. Do a make-or-buy analysis

You may also want to reconsider your kitchen workload by coming up with a thorough make-or-buy analysis. Make a list of which items you can make from scratch and which ones you can just purchase prepared. Aside from cutting costs, this move can also ensure a higher quality of food that you serve your customers

4. Talk to your suppliers

Communicating with your suppliers will help you get the best deals for your business. Don’t be shy to discuss with your suppliers about reducing your costs. It’s also okay to let them know that you are getting quotes from competitors.

5. Develop relationships with local farms

Products from local farmers are a lot fresher and often cheaper as the middle-man suppliers aren’t necessary.

Find a local farmer close to you via the localharvest.org.au.

6. Be kitchen intelligent – understand how money is spent and where.

Kirsty and Matthew Krueger of iChef share a few restaurant business plan tips on ‘kitchen intelligence’:

  • Come up with regular reviews of menu costs to makes sure you are not selling your menu short
  • Conduct weekly stocktakes to determine food cost percentage so you know what changes you need to make
  • Set stock holding levels for particular days of the week. This will help prevent stock loss due to over-ordering
  • Setting preparation par levels over kitchen preparation is as important, this will ensure freshness of food products

These tips was first published on alsco.com.au's  100+ more tips on restaurant planning strategies article. Alsco offers cost-efficient rental services that are tailored for your business. including first aid kit rentals and training services, linen and workwear, and hygiene systems.





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