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Small Business First: The free online community for small businesses

Small Business First is an online community working for small businesses across Australia, providing members exclusive deals and offers, as well as the opportunity to have a say in their future through advocacy campaigns and meaningful community content. 

Testimonials: Let's hear what our members have to say about us

Our biggest strength lies in our members and that’s why what they have to say about our efforts matters most to us. 

‘I saved over $600 by joining Small Business First’: Anthony Middlemiss

'You feel like you're part of a community': Elizabeth Browning


Top benefits of joining Small Business First:

  • Access to a team of experts who can help you run your business more efficiently

Small Business First is supported by a team of experts who have owned and managed their own small businesses, run networking groups, led small business industry associations, worked with government and more. They’ll work with us and our members by answering questions based on their area of expertise. They’ll also share ideas on new initiatives and offers for our community. 

Our board of advisors includes small business experts like David Koch, Julia Bickerstaff, Peter Strong and Tim Harcourt. 

  • Access to exclusive deals that can help you save time and money

We’re on a mission to get small businesses taken care of the way big businesses do! And we'll be doing that by negotiating exclusive offers and deals to help small business owners save money and run their business more effectively. Some of our commercial partners include Australian Unity,, EnergyAustralia, MOO, Veromo, Uber and Moula. 

  • Opportunity to connect with a wide network of small businesses

Small Business First is a place for members to help each other by sharing business tips and tricks, frustrations and success stories. That's what the Community Forum is all about - conversations and guidance from fellow members. 

  • Nifty tips and tools on building successful small businesses

To help our members build skills and expertise in specific areas like finance, cash flow, marketing and social media, we’re curating an exhaustive stream of powerful tools, tips, guides and templates that can be useful to our community members.  

  • A platform to lobby for causes that matter to small businesses

We're also lobbying for better treatment and consideration of small business by government and corporates, through specific campaigns addressing real issues facing business owners. By unifying small business owners and giving them a platform to voice concerns, we will have the power to make real change and improve business conditions.

SBF in the news

Since our launch in July 2016, Small Business First has been making waves across major national as well as regional news publications including The Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, Herald Sun, 2UE and Newcastle Herald.

Why did we start Small Business first?

The team behind Small Business First has many years of experience covering small business news and events. We've met hundreds of amazing, inspiring, and humble business owners all over Australia who are doing great things, but all face the same issues. They're under-appreciated, and under-served, and often are exploited by big businesses and their shareholders.

That's why we started Small Business First. Because big business has always been given a great deal on all sorts of expenses, while having too much influence in policy-making. All the while small businesses struggle with day-to-day issues such as paying staff (let alone themselves), finding new customers, and having a life at the same time!

So if you think small businesses should be recognised for the great work they do, should be considered more by government and corporates, and should have their best interests at heart, then we want your support! 

Because together, we can put small businesses first! 

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