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Is it still worth advertising in the local paper or are there better ways now? I have tried social media and I find it does not get me anything as I am only talking to existing customers. 


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    Answer: Social media can be difficult but with some focus and a lesson in channel building over simply posting you can achieve some great results. That said there is no right or wrong when it comes to advertising, if it works then it works. The only thing I would suggest is that regardless of the channel it will always come down to the messaging and the language used to sell your product or service. Remember that social media is also about ASK, REQUEST & SUGGEST marketing, in other words your existing customers can be mobilised to build a new audience by asking them relevant questions, suggesting content and things they might like and then requesting that they take some action on your behalf.

    • Expert: Paul Gilbert
    • 19 Apr 2017
    • 03:15 PM
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    Answer: Hi Shelley, Can you explain a little bit about what your business is. Different kinds of businesses can benefit from a range of advertising and marketing opportunities. While social media is a cheap and effective way to engage with your customers for some, local newspapers are a good way to reach local audiences for others. This article here has some good tips on promoting a business locally: Tell us more about your business and we can help you find the ideal marketing tactics suited to your needs.

    • Expert: Shubhda Khanna Nag
    • 03 Apr 2017
    • 11:46 AM
    • user

      Answer: I'm a Local Hair and Beauty Salon

      • Shelley Veitch
      • 03 Apr 2017
      • 04:30 PM
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