Build on these 3 skills to grow your business

Building your business management skills will help your business to grow and meet its potential.

As you move from focusing on the day-to-day work of your business to more of a management role, you will need to develop and use your business skills in new ways.

You will need to adjust to the different demands of your role, and so will your employees, suppliers and customers. Areas that will need your attention include the following:

People management

  • You are likely to spend more of your time managing staff relations, supervision, staff control, time management and delegation.
  • It's not only important that you have good skills in this area – your aim should be to build a strong resourceful staff team that won't collapse if you're not present.


  • You may not be as available to your employees as you once were, so you need to let them know how contact with you will work in the future.
  • Building stronger ties with certain valued suppliers and customers may become your focus, with hands-on dealings with others being delegated to key staff.
  • It's important that you maintain the networks central to your success – train your staff to represent you if required but never lose touch with your key contacts.
  • Ensure that your communication and information systems are able to support your new ways of communicating and can accommodate your planned growth.

Planning and streamlining

  • It's vital that you have control of your production flow systems and that you work on streamlining your processes as you plan for growth.
  • Consider getting advice from a mentor or business advisers who specialise in building processing strategies for growing businesses.

Some resources available to help you build your management skills base include:

  • management training courses, which are often run by experienced business owners and are offered outside work hours
  • industry-related workshops and conferences which give good industry insights and provide opportunities for building networking skills
  • reputable online business management websites offering practical advice and do-it-yourself training.

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