Complete a Health Cover Check to find a cover that suits your needs

How does a health cover check work?

It’s simple. Just fill in the form below and a health cover consultant from Australian Unity will call you to help you find cover that best suits your needs and priorities. 

Book a Health Cover Check

By booking a Health Cover Check you consent to Australian Unity using your personal information to contact you for the purpose of performing a Health Cover Check (view their  Privacy Policy). 

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Why should you review your health insurance? 

  • People change - maybe your situation has changed since you first got the cover – you could be paying for extras you don’t need anymore or you might need extras that you didn’t before
  • Products change - Insurance providers introduce new products all the time. It’s likely that you could find a new health cover that’s a better fit for your needs plus easier on the pocket 

What happens during a Health Cover Check? 

A team member from Australian Unity will ask you a few questions to determine your needs and help you look at covers that are most relevant to you -  so you’re not under or over-covered. 

Health insurance is a fairly complex item to purchase. You’re always struggling with different questions – Should I pay for hip and knee replacements? What about dialysis? Do I really need extras (what are extras?!)? 

An Australian Unity health insurance consultant will help you: 

  • Compare covers based on your health requirements and priorities
  • Evaluate the cover you might already have
  • Find the best options suitable for you
  • Answer any questions you have 

Book your health cover check now

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