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Hello, I have an online marketplace available Australia wide, it is a start up and in need of driving traffic to the site, I have social media set up (although confused on what to post) what are the best ways to get the ball rolling?


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    Hey Toni, It can be very hard to build an online marketplace so I would first ensure you have an awesome USP and reason that people would want to use your marketplace. Then I would look at either free traffic sources (SEO, partnerships, PR etc) or paid traffic sources (Adwords, Facebook Ads etc) or both depending on your level of funding. If it is a two sided marketplace you might be best to start building up one side (ie. if a car listing site, build up the car listings first) before moving to the next side who would leave if they came to an empty site. I wrote an article for another small business forum a few years ago about some ways you can market your small business, check it out here: https://www.duncanjonesnz.com/diy-online-marketing-for-your-small-business/ Thanks, - Duncan

    • Duncan Jones
    • 03 Jan 2018
    • 12:50 PM
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    Answer: Hi Toni, If your website is new, it's a good idea to look at advertising opportunities like paid search and social media advertising. If you're new to this, it may help to get a digital agency to work on this. You'll need to target an audience that best matches your target customers. And remember that for any campaign to be successful, it's important to have a set goal - are you looking to drive traffic or get sales? Plus, it's also worthwhile to look at working on your website's SEO ranking. There are lots of things you can do yourself for this - use meta data, add descriptions and try to use keywords.

    • Expert: Shubhda Khanna Nag
    • 24 Nov 2017
    • 03:35 PM
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