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This information will help us source offers and tailor your experience on the website and help in our advocacy efforts with government.


Why do we need this information?

This information will help us source offers and tailor your experience on the website and help in our advocacy efforts with government.


Why do we need this information?

This information will help us source offers and tailor your experience on the website and help in our advocacy efforts with government.


Why do we need this information?

This information will help us source offers and tailor your experience on the website and help in our advocacy efforts with government.


Why do we need this information?

This information will help us source offers and tailor your experience on the website and help in our advocacy efforts with government.

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Small Business Events

Conferences, seminars, workshops & webinars - Find a small business event close to you


South Australia Women in Leadership Workshop: January 2018

This dynamic and interactive leadership workshop will allow you to:

- Develop your individual leadership style

- Build confidence to lead authentically and effectively

- Learn the art of confident communication

- Enhance your ability to influence

- Understand workplace bias and how to navigate it

- Master conflict management and difficult conversations

- Gain practical strategies to motivate individuals and teams

- Explore culture building and positive engagement

- Develop skills for self-promotion and career progression

- Write your own personal leadership plan

Register now and maximise your potential!

Group Discounts:

10% off Standard Rate Team of 3 - 4

15% off Standard Rate Team of 5 - 7

17% off Standard Rate Team of 8 +


Online Brochure and Tickets Available at:

*Please call +61282399711 for bookings more than 2 people.

24 Jan 18  to 25 Jan 18Cliftons Adelaide 80 King William Street #1 Adelaide, SA 5000$2,249.50 View Details

Effective Change Management Training in Hobart on Jan 29th 2018

The Leading Change Management program is designed to promote excellence in the management of change by introducing participants to the skills required at each step of the change process.

Built on latest research and practice in North America, this program develops, challenges and inspires leaders to lead successful and rewarding organizational change initiatives.

The concepts and methods learned are immediately usable in the workplace, leading to faster implementation of change projects that achieve and sustain concrete results.

Program Objectives:

  • To introduce the step by step change management process and the range of tools and methods available to address change challenges and problems
  • To provide insight on relevant, practical and applicable change management skills and equip participants to effectively engage with change processes in the workplace
  • To improve awareness and confidence for using change management tools and models required to design appropriate change plans for the workplace.

Through this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the modern day change management processes
  • Recognize the factors that drive change, what change management is and its importance in the contemporary business environment
  • Gain understanding of the theory behind organizational change and how they apply in today’s business landscape
  • Effectively manage the human aspects of change including employee engagement and employee resistance
  • Develop an effective change management and communication plan
  • Master instruments and strategies to align people with change while appealing to emotions
  • Gain understanding of success factors of organizational change.

Program Outline (1-day):

  • The Nature of Change
  • Drivers of Change
  • Vision and Mission of Change
  • Eight Steps to Effective Change Management
  • Change Strategies
  • Change Resistance
  • Effective Communication Skills to Lead Change
  • Effective Leadership in the Change Process
29 Jan 18Hobart Hobart, TAS 7000A$738.53 – A$949.53 View Details

Leading in Complexity | February 2018

Leading in Complexity

In a global environment that’s perpetually changing, so must we.

As were all aware, big changes have been happening in the world.

A perfect, and continuing storm of rapid technological development, generational and social change, and industry disruption has catapulted all organisations—public, private and not-for-profit—into an incredibly unpredictable environment

Not surprisingly, a recent study by IBM of 1500 Global CEOs highlighted the escalation of complexity as the single biggest challenge confronting them.

So how are organisations to respond?

Introducing a new adaptive model of leadership.

Clearly, mastery of traditional management knowledge and technical skills no longer guarantees todays leaders either personal or organisational success. Whats required is not only a new way to act, but a new way to think.

The Uncharted Leadership Institutes multi-module Leading in Complexity program provides just that. Conducted over three short months, and based on latest research, this program of workshops and group coaching will introduce you to a new, adaptive approach to leadership perfectly suited to our increasingly interdependent and ambiguous future.

Highly manageable program structure.

3 x 9am-1pm WORKSHOPS (6 February, 27 February & 20 March)*

3 x 9am -12pm GROUP COACHING SESSIONS (13 February, 6 March and 27 March)*

*Please note you will need to attend all Workshops and all Group Coaching sessions.

Comprehensive evidence-based understanding and skills development.

Presented in a highly engaging, practical and experiential format, the Leading in Complexity half-day workshops will provide participants with a comprehensive, evidence-based grounding in all three key aspects of the topic—foundational understanding, advanced skills development, and real-world application.

Workshop 1: Foundations

  • Explore the new leadership capabilities and mindset you need to be more effective in a fast-changing world.
  • Learn how to make better decisions in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) operating environments.
  • Be introduced to a more effective way to understand and work with complex challenge

Workshop 2: Critical skills

  • Be introduced to practical tools you can use to hone your skills of observation and interpretation.
  • Acquire tools to observe objectively the actions, behaviours and patterns of others, and identify their impact.
  • Become more aware of automatic responses—yours and others’—triggered by specific situations and how these can inhibit effective decision-making.
  • Learn how to consider multiple viewpoints and generate multiple interpretations and options.

Workshop 3: Taking action

  • Identify the difference between the simple, complicated and complex aspects of problems and how to respond appropriately in each situation.
  • Understand the concept of work avoidance, and how to recognise it.
  • Explore tools and techniques to take action and make process on complex challenges.
  • Learn how to design and implement ‘safe to fail’ experiments to aid progress in complex situations.

Insights embedded by group coaching and reflection.

The programs three group coaching sessions will provide a wide range of organisational and personal benefits. With all participants bringing and sharing their unique personal and professional backgrounds and outlooks, each will develop a deep awareness of, and respect for, the others contribution and value.

This increased trust and connection will lead to a collaborative cohort of leaders, each will develop a deep awareness of and respect for the views and contributions of other people, both within and beyond the program. In addition, these sessions will also help to achieve the following individual outcomes:

  • Personal accountability—by providing a safe, judgement-free environment for regular individual, departmental and organisational progress checks.
  • Beliefs and assumptions testedby providing a constructive forum for robust discussion of leadership issues, and the practical impact of different approaches.
  • Learning embedded and skills transferred—through active reflection, sharing of insights, and clarification of concepts and ideas.
6 Feb 18  to 27 Mar 18Intersect Flinders St 167 Flinders Street Adelaide, SA 5000$1,650 – $1,925 View Details

One Day Introduction to Leading Small Teams

Remloc Advisory offers a suite of courses targeted at leaders within organisations.

The courses focus on the fundamentals of leadership and practical tips for leaders of small teams. Participants leave a course with an ‘action plan’ for them to improve their skills and experience. These plans should be shared with their managers and incorporated into their development plans. 

7 Feb 18York Room, Pacific Suites Canberra 100 Northbourne Ave Canberra, ACT$690.79 View Details

Leadership Mastery for Authentic Leaders

Two day workshop - includes take home workbook for use post workshop and three x 30 minute check in sessions (one per month) post workshop.

Leadership is important because it is the single biggest factor impacting results, whether they are sales results, service results, staff engagement results or other measures.

Managers and Team Leaders have the most direct impact on the behaviours and results of their people. What you role-model and what you choose to accept or not accept from your people will drive the culture within your team.

The considerable investments made in our people, Sales & Service processes, technology, products and other assets can only be leveraged with effective leadership. Managers and Team Leaders determine the effectiveness of these investments within their teams.

Everyone, regardless of qualifications or experience requires some form of intervention to perform at their best. Managers and Team Leaders must intervene in the right way with all of their people to help them perform at their best.

Day one

Strategic performance for innovation

  • Learn how to shift your focus and develop new skills and waysof thinking
  • Work out which areas to focus on and how to set your agenda
  • Identify strategic and practical steps critical to yoursuccess.

Decision making with integrity

  • Explore how mental distortions and biases sabotageyour reasoning
  • Learn to monitor your and your team members’ decision making
  • Learn to uncover errors in thinking before they become errorsin judgment.

Your DISC Profile®

  • Understand your behavioural style
  • Learn how to improve your own productivity andinterpersonal interactions
  • Identify effective learning and adaptive strategies that will getyou immediate results.

Leadership Mastery

  • Explore human behaviour and how to leverage this for best results
  • Learn how to develop your vision, goals, plans and actions
  • Learn how to experiment with your relationship techniques to support your team/s during results tracking, follow up and feedback and coaching sessions
  • Identify strengths and opportunities in the way you are managing your resources to increase productivity and motivation

Performance coaching

  • Understand core coaching competencies
  • Learn active listening techniques and how to avoidpre-conceived judgments
  • Learn how to have a successful coaching session at every interaction

Resilience and performance

  • Understand the link between resilience and individual innovation
  • Learn how focusing on your health and wellbeing canaccelerate innovation
  • Learn what practices will create lasting improvements to yourhealth and wellbeing and what ones will undermine them.

Prioritising what matters

  • Learn how to think deliberately about what you do with yourtime at work
  • Boost your productivity without redesign, reengineering,or restructuring
  • Learn how to make changes on a personal level so you aremore effective.

Creating an action plan

  • Develop an action plan to put the strategies, tools and insightsyou gain during the workshop into practice
  • Set your business up for success in the next 90 days
  • Commit to specific active steps for achieving lasting results

More information:

  • The Leadership Principles underpin the entire Leadership process, providing a consistent philosophical theme for all leadership, management and coaching actions across your business.
  • The principles are based on the psychology of human behaviour and explain or address a number of realities about how people typically behave and what factors impact that behaviour.
  • Whilst certain leadership trends, style elements and methods of application can change over time, the Leadership principles recognise those core realities of behaviour that remain consistent (and can be recognised throughout history and across cultures).
  • Because they relate to human behaviour, the Leadership Principles are transferrable not only across leadership roles within any organisation but also to leadership roles across industries and managing or influencing behaviours outside the workplace.
  • You will be provided with a workbook that is practical and helps you convert the theory into practice with :
    • Key Points
    • Methodolgies, Frameworks etc for each Leadership Principle
    • Know It
    • Do It
    • Do It Better
    • Discovered Best Practices
8 Feb 18  to 9 Feb 18Novotel Canberra Northbourne Ave Canberra, ACT 2601$695 – $995 View Details
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