Facebook Image sizes and dimensions cheat sheet

Content is king and size matters. Your next Facebook post or ad may introduce your brand to someone who can help take your business to the next level; be sure to make an excellent first impression.

With dimension guidelines often subject to change at a platform's discretion: Sizing visual elements can become difficult, little more than a guessing game of trial and error.

Unfortunately, an incorrectly sized but otherwise well-designed piece of content is like an attractive blind date who's attractiveness plummets once they speak because the two are incongruent. Conversely, using the correct dimensions, concise copy, and well-designed visual assets in Facebook posts and ads make for compelling, professional content.

Visual assets are like your 30-second elevator pitch: They need to tell a compelling story quickly to capture a reader's attention and initiate trust around your ability to deliver consistent, quality content.

Also, dependable delivery of quality, niche, content will steadily increase your brand's social engagement on Facebook. A brand that's as conscious of its aesthetic as it is its message will distinguish itself as a standout, a creator with something of quality to offer.

An investment in learning the correct sizes for visual files you intend to use in Facebook, or outsourcing this step, will be time and money well spent. Visual assets are vital in getting discovered and developing a community on Facebook. Also, it is crucial to keep in mind; accurate file size facilitates image optimization and type legibility.

The guidelines set for Facebook image dimensions are often updated. We all manage so much in today's fast-paced, interconnected, world and we want to share a tool to help you stay abreast of current content dimension guidelines on Facebook — a free cheat sheet.

Our cheat sheet has proved an essential tool for our social media marketing team. Use the dimensions provided therein to create templates for yourself and your team, to streamline workflow and increase efficiency in your social media management strategy.

Use the cheat sheet and get back to business! We hope this reference guide is as helpful to you as it continues to be to our marketing team.

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About the author:

Rebecca Hill is the Outreach Coordinator at TechWyse, an SEO agency. While she isn't building relationships with bloggers and influencers in the marketing world, she can be seen rooting for the Blue Jays. You can reach her via Twitter or LinkedIn.



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