Four ways to keep costs down when building a website for your business

Depending on the wishlist of features you want, designing a website can cost well into thousands. So, as a small business owner, you might be asking yourself:

“How can I build a professional-looking website, perfectly optimised for search engines, without breaking the bank?”

Well, here’s some insider knowledge on how to keep costs low while retaining the integrity of work when building your company’s site.

Free SEO Tools

Before you start building a website, you must take into account, what it undoubtedly one of the most important elements of a site -- Search Engine Optimization. SEO holds so much weight that it can dictate whether your company appears on the first page of Google, or on the fifth. 

Below are some free tools that can help optimise content for search engines.

SEO Tools

  • Google KeyWord Planner: Google’s keyword planner gives users a front-row seat into the number of searches being performed each month using your keywords. The tool then provides users with a list of related terms.
  • KeyWord List Cleaner: With this tool, you can remove duplicate words, clean up keywords, URLs and email lists.
  • QuickSprout: This tool analyses your website, and tells users which aspects of the site would best benefit from optimisation. This includes information on page titles, descriptions, headings and more.

The above tools will help better optimise content before the site goes live, and do some much-needed pre-planning as well. In the end, before you build your site, you want to have the bulk of your content already written. This will greatly speed up the entire process.

As always, there are a number of other tools available, and you should look around to find which can be used to improve your site’s SEO.  

Use a Website Builder

Next, if you’re not quite so tech-savvy, a WYSIWYG website builder is a great option for building a website. WYSIWYG stands for ‘what you see is what you get,’ and this specific kind of builder enables users to quickly create websites and lowers the price of building a website, significantly.  

Why Use a Website Builder?

For starters, you do not need to have design or coding skills, because these platforms are often user-friendly and educate users throughout the website building experience. Depending on the kind of builder you choose, you’ll have access to responsive templates to optimise the site for mobile, desktop and tablet versions of your website.

This is a great substitute for hiring a traditional web developer which has the potential to cost well into the tens of thousands of dollars. Another major advantage of choosing a website builder is that oftentimes, there’s 24/7 access to customer service, data backups and unlimited bandwidth depending on the plan.    

If you do have design experience, there are countless website builders with advanced design features. For instance, Wix lets users insert code directly into their site.

You should also look for a website builder that’s accompanied by a free domain name or hosting plan. Hosting alone has the potential to cost anywhere from a few dollars a month to several thousand annually.  

Bottom Line

The kind of plan you choose will greatly differ based on specific business needs like the amount of traffic should your site support.

You can read more on how to choose the best website builder, here.

Use a Freelancer

Sites like Fiverr, UpWork and Toptal are used to outsource a spectrum of services, including web development, graphic design, social media, and writing. Each of these services are contracted to qualified freelancers around the globe. I know, I know, outsourcing commonly has a negative connotation -- but in this case -- it is the opposite.

Why is hiring a freelancer a good idea?

Online freelance marketplaces have an assortment of highly-qualified designers, web developers and experts in a plethora of other professional areas, for a fraction of the price it would cost to pay a company or hire a full-time team.

Other than fast project turnaround, experience, and creative liberty -- there are countless reasons to hire a freelancer. One of the most paramount reasons is the extra time you’ll gain to focus on other aspects of your business.

Use FREE Stock Images

Lastly, it is highly recommended to use free stock images, as images can be pricey. You also want to ensure you have the highest-quality images on your site. It can also get expensive to purchase one-off images.

The expense, however, does not occur after one or two images, rather, after purchasing a bulk of photos. So, here’s a few sites where you can get free images -- with no catch:

Logo Design

If your company has yet to create a logo, there are free tools available for this.This seemingly small element can actually become costly. For this, you can use tools like Logomakr -- although the site is somewhat limited in its capabilities, it is free and produces a professional logo.  

Creating your own logo adds a personal touch, which is great for brand awareness and further establishing credibility.

Getting your business website up and running can be a gigantic undertaking, but once armed with the proper tools, it will seem like a piece of cake. This is especially true if given access to tools that enable you to create a website at a fraction of the price of hiring a designer and developer.   

About the Author:

Marc Dane is SEO & Content Manager at -- which provides small businesses with resources such as website builder reviews, hosting provider reviews, SEO guides, best practices, resources on choosing freelancers, how to build the perfect website, social media and more.




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