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I am looking for an Australian based web hosting company for my business and a Rowing association. I have been with net registry, host papa, crazy domains and bluehost. I want good support (including phone support) at reasonable costs. 


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    I use and recommend www.littleherohosting.com A small Australian business ran by a Aussie Mum. They have several different options & I have found their prices very reasonable. I have used them for close to 12 years with various websites that I have had. cheers

    • Tammy Donohue
    • 05 Jan 2017
    • 10:08 AM
  • user

    Try Url.net.au for all your hosting and VoIP/cloud services they are Australian and great we have been using them for 10 years

    • Jodie Windley
    • 20 Dec 2016
    • 06:45 AM
  • user

    Answer: I have used Crazy Domains for years. 24/7 hour support and have always found them helpful.

    • Amanda Hoffmann
    • 18 Dec 2016
    • 09:02 PM
  • user

    Answer: There are several options when it comes to localized web hosting services and choosing the right one will depend on your required use of data, bandwidth (traffic) and need for site security. The first thing I would do is check out a few au. review sites or go onto whirpool, you will find some of the best web hosting service providers are smaller operations like relentless or fortitude but when it comes to support and customer service they do not always offer direct 24/7 phone support which is reflected in the cost. If you are looking for more full service hosting outfit or a dedicated server setup at a cheaper rate, then I would suggest cloud based service providers using VM ware solutions like crucial.com.au or aushosting.com. They can offer fast and more expansive solutions if you need more room or want to run on a dedicated VM at a later stage and they offer 24 /7 phone support, i would also make sure you use sites like "site geek" to check their historical up times and read further technical reviews as other sites often focus only on customer support response issues. . Best of luck

    • Expert: Paul Gilbert
    • 10 Nov 2016
    • 05:27 PM
  • user

    Answer: https://au.godaddy.com/ is good service.

    • Kamal Buragadda
    • 09 Nov 2016
    • 03:39 PM
  • user

    We use squarespace, while not Aus based their support for us has been brilliant

    • Beverley Whitehouse
    • 08 Nov 2016
    • 11:43 PM
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