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I’m a plumber and have been doing so now for 17 years. Now I’ve come to time in my life/ career that is wanting to start my own business.

I have been building up a good amount of clientele solely from word of mouth. I really do believe once I do take the plunge and start to actually put my name out there I can find more work. BUT that initial first step/ failure even is the main reason I haven’t made the move earlier.

Does this happen to most others out there? Self doubt and think maybe it’s just easier to keep doing what we are currently doing and the safety of a weekly wage coming in. Would be great to hear from others out there in similar position or that was and have come out the other end successfully.




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    Answer: Hi Brad. You're so right - self doubt is what gets in the way most of the time. I took the plunge 12 months ago and haven't regretted it for a moment. Don't get me wrong, it's hard. Sometimes really hard. But the freedom to determine your own life and run your own show is so rewarding. I agree with what Anna said below - planning is key. Also, have a routine and be disciplined. Identify skill gaps (for me, this is financial literacy and planning) and find ways to fill them (either by educating yourself or finding people to help you). I hope that helps and you take the plunge when the time is right for you. Good luck!

    • Courtney Bowie
    • 09 Jan 2018
    • 10:46 AM
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    Answer: Hi Brad, Taking that first step is always scary because it means stepping out of your comfort zone. I was so anxious before starting my business - it is hard work and the road is full challenges. My advice would be to do a bit of planning - understand how you're going to do it, what would be the first steps, how much would it cost, how to register your business and talk to friends and family who might have their own businesses as well. Once you have it planned out, you can totally do it! All the best!

    • Anna Lossow
    • 20 Nov 2017
    • 10:36 AM
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